15 tips to get rid of sunburnt lips – Ultimate Guide

15 tips to get rid of sunburnt lips – Ultimate Guide

These tips will quickly help get on top of your sun blistered lips…

Our lips have a layer of “stratum corneum” which is remarkably thin and transparent due to this form a thin covering over the blood vessels. The reddish color of our lips is due to the blood running in the blood vessels and the transparent layer of skin which allows the color to come through vividly. Lips have no sebaceous glands (sweat glands) and therefore the loss of water on the lips is five to ten times more than other parts having these types of glands. Due to this and lack of protection, lips are more susceptible to burning and damage by sun exposure.

Constant sun exposure increases the chances of lip damage and known as the sun burned lips. The second stage of sun burned lips is sun blisters on lips. In such case, the damage doesn’t remain confined to the upper layer. The fluid in the sunburnt lips blisters usually start oozing out from the damaged lower layer of the skin.

Symptoms of sunburned lips

The most common symptoms associated with sunburned lips include:

  • Red and swelled lips
  • Cracked lips
  • Tender lips
  • Dry, warm and sore lips
  • Bleeding from the lips
  • Sun blisters on lips

How to get rid of sun burned lips fast?

  1. Lip Balm:

Lip balm is the best source to get rid of the symptoms of the sun burned or sun blisters. Lip balm not only contain the soothing agents, but nourishing agents too. Many lip balms are available having SPF protection. SPF can prevent the lips from drying and protect the sun blisters from further damage and increase the process of healing. Lip balm with cocoa butter or shea butter not only provide soothing effects, in case of sun burns, but also smell good. Apply lip balm on your sunburned lips, but avoid using of lip balm that contain camphor or petroleum jelly like ingredients that decrease the process of healing. Try to use the lip balm that contains the almond oil, shea butter, collagen, coconut butter and beeswax or other natural moisturizers or vitamin E.

  1. Aloe vera gel

The use of pure unscented gel or fresh juice of aloe vera on the sun burned lips, or sun blisters on lips reduce the signs of sun burns and leading to less peeling. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that not only decrease the inflammation, but also reduce the pain associated with sun burns or sun blisters. The use of commercially available aloe vera gels or juices are beneficial because of the presence of oils that increase the process of healing by decreasing the evaporation and prevent the further damage due to sun rays.

  1. Antibiotic Ointment

In case of severe sunburned lips, a sign of cracking appears on the lips. These cracks increase the chances of infection. Infectious lips are not only painful, but nasty looking. In case of such infection, there is a need of antibiotics to kill the infectious microbes besides soothing agents for ultimate protection. Use of light layer of antibiotic ointment decreases the chances of infection and keep the lips hydrated. So, antibiotic ointments are the best choice in severe cases of sun burned lips, but avoid to use it in case of normal sun burns.

In case of sunburn blisters there is a need to drain it before the use of ointment. For draining it is necessary to use the sterilized needle to puncture the blister. After this softly press the blister for easy drainage. Now, clean the area or wash it with soap and apply the antibiotic ointment 2-3 times.

  1. Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and avobenzone

Emollient lip balms or lip gloss or lipsticks containing zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and avobenzone have the capacity to protect the lips from harmful UV rays of the sun. These ingredients have the capacity to prevent the scarring, dry peeling and sun damage and increase the process of healing in sunburnt lips or sun blisters on lips.

  1. Over the counter medicines

To tackle the inflammation and pain associated with sun burned lips, or sun blisters on lips, several over the counter medicines are available like acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil) and aspirin. These medicines provide the immediate relief in case of sunburnt lips. However, there is a need to use them with caution like aspirin can cause Reye’s syndrome in children aged below 16 years.

  1. Hydrocortisone cream

Use of hydrocortisone 1% cream 2-3 times a day on sun burned lips, or bad sun blistered lips decrease the symptoms within 2-3 days. There is a chance of ingestion in such case which can cause adverse reactions. To avoid these adverse reactions, it is necessary to apply the cream to the outer edges of your sunburnt lips only.

  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E has the capacity to promote the formation of new skin, decrease the inflammation and pain and increase the process of healing in case of sun burned lips due to its distinctive antioxidant properties. Use the Vitamin E on the lips, mostly before sleep or after eating, to keep the oil on the skin for a longer period of time to improve healing of your sunburnt lips.

  1. Vitamin C

Use of vitamin C in case of sunburnt lips decrease the symptoms to a significant extent due to its antioxidant properties. It is also recommended in case of sun blisters on lips.

  1. Cold Compress

The simple and effective therapy in case of sun burned is cold compress. Apply the cold compress as soon as possible in case of sun burns. This remedy is very simple and there is a need of small cloth wet in cold water. After wetting, place the cloth on the lips for 10-20 minutes. Cold compress also increases the flow of blood that provide the glowing effects.

  1. Potato Juice

Use of potato juice in case of sun burned lips is the best remedy according to San Mateo County, Health Department. Potato is a rich source of starch and starch provide the smoothing and cooling effects in case of sun burns on the lips. Blend the raw potato in blenders for fresh juice and then apply the juice on sun burned lips and let it dry to get the desired effects.

  1. Honey

Honey is the natural remedy in case of sun burned lips. It provides the help in sunburns by reducing the chances of cracking and prevent the loss of water due to its emollient and moisturizing effect. It also has some antimicrobial affects that decrease the chances of infection.

  1. Cucumber slices

Use of Cucumber slices decreases the pain and irritation associated with sunburned lips or sun blisters on lips. Use of slices on the lips after sun exposure not only enhance the process of healing, but also removes the dark spots formed by sun rays.

  1. Ice cubes

Massage of ice cubes on lips decrease the harmful effect of sun rays and removes the dark spots formed by sun rays. It provides the soothing effects and increase the flow of blood that increase the glow of your lips.

  1. Use of Moisturizers

In case of sun burns lips may be chapped or cracked. Use of moisturizers in case of sunburn lips increases the process of healing and prevent the cracking of lips that decrease the chances of microbial infection. Avoid the use of petroleum jelly like Vaseline because there is a chance of heat entrapment that that decrease the process of healing and worsen the condition.

  1. Collagen glossy balms

Collagen is the protein that provides the shape to the lips. Collagen of the lips damage due to sun exposure and wrinkled or lining formed on the lips. In severe cases cracking are there that increase the chances of bacterial infection. Use of collagen containing balms provides the protection and increase the process of healing in case of sun burns without any side effects. Use of collagen lip balms also provides help in actinic cheilitis.

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