Does taking collagen supplements really work?

Do Collagen Supplements Work

Does taking Collagen Supplements, pills and capsules really Work?


Collagen is the natural proteinous component of the skin that maintains the shape of the body surface. It is the main building block for cartilage, bone, skin, lips, tendons, joints and other related organs and tissues.  It is necessary for the maintenance of skin structure, firmness and elasticity.

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What does collagen do?

Collagen and elastin form the mesh network under the skin and hold the fat in its position. The body produces the enough amount of collagen, but its production is gradually declining due to the aging process. The rate of decline is almost double in women as compared to men and almost half of the total amount of collagen decrease by the age of 50 years in women.

This Infographic further explains what is collagen.

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Research about the efficacy of collagen supplements

Different type of research conducted in different settings proved the efficacy of collagen supplements. Taking collagen supplement pills for skin, decrease the signs of aging and smooth the surface of wrinkled skin. A study conducted in 2014 proved the anti-wrinkled property of collagen pills. In this study a large population of women was involved. After the administration of 2.5g of collagen peptide (marketed as Verisol) daily for 8 weeks, researchers found a 20% decrease in the depth of wrinkles.

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..In another study, it was confirmed that the use of collagen pills significantly increases (about 65%) the level of procollagen (collagen precursor) in the body.

Additionally further efficacy of collagen supplements can be improved depending on the time of taking collagen supplements. That is; the research supports that it is better to take collagen supplements on an empty stomach then with meals.



Taking collagen supplements for aches and pains decrease the symptoms up to a significant extent. Use of collagen pills also decreases the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis (a metabolic bone disorder) up to a significant extent. The main cause of this disorder is the loss of collagen that decrease the bone density. Use of collagen supplements fulfil the loss of collagen to increase the bone density and decrease the sensation of pain.

Studies have also proven the efficacy of collagen supplements for aches and pains in arthritis. A professor of orthopaedics at Case Western University in America, Roland Moskowtiz, examine the several arthritic patients after the administration of collagen pills and placebo. He noticed a significant decrease in arthritic ache and pain. According to Roland Moskowtiz, 93% patients show improvement after only two weeks of collagen use. Dr Stefan Oesser, a professor at Kiel University in Germany, confirmed the efficacy of collagen supplements in joint pain. He demonstrated that use of collagen pills encourages the procollagen and extra cells to produce extra collagen.

How to take collagen and collagen benefits…

Collagen supplements can be taken via three routes

  1. Parenteral
  2. Oral
  3. Topical
  1. Parenteral

Parenteral route of taking collagen, supplementation is not well established. Collagen injections are mostly used in dermatology and shows immediate results as compared to other routes. It is mostly used to administer in lips, checks or eye sides to remove the signs of aging or wrinkles. It is also administered in the hips or thighs in the case of cellulite. Collagen injection can provide immediate relief in wrinkles, brown or black spots, gaunt cheeks, acne and scars. Collagen supplements are injected beneath the skin in an injectable procedure to promote the growth of collagen.

  1. Oral

Collagen supplements are administered orally as collagen pills and capsules, collagen jelly and collagen fluids. Collagen pills are mostly used for localized or general effects. Hydrolysed collagen is used in collagen pills because it is easily broken down into peptides and absorb through the gastrointestinal tract. Collagen pills are used for aches and pain associated with bones and joints. Collagen pills enhances the process of body repair and formation of tendons, muscles, cartilages and ligaments. Collagen fluids are used for arthritic pain and to enhance the formation of tendons, muscles, cartilages and ligaments like collagen pills. It absorbs more easily than pill fragments.

  1. Topical

Topically collagen used as creams, ointment or balms. Collagen creams are used to reduce the appearance of brown or dark spots, sunspots, wrinkles, acne and scars. It can also be used to maintain the moisture level of the skin because of its water binding capacity. Collagen cream not only maintain the moisture level, but also decreases the red and dry patches. By maintaining the elasticity of skin, it also removes the sign of aging. Collagen balms are also used commonly like collagen lip balm. Collagen Lip balm is the best source to get rid of the symptoms of the sun burned or sun blisters. Lip balm doesn’t only contain the soothing agents, but nourishing agents too, that maintain the smoothness and redness of the lips. Collagen ointments are less commonly used. It maintains the integrity and moisture level of the skin and enhance th4e process of wound healing.

Collagen combinations

Collagen supplements are used alone successfully for several types of complications. When it combines with other ingredients it enhances the effect and used as synergistic supplement.

Collagen and sea algae

Collagen with sea algae is used in various types of inflammatory disorders like pruritic inflammatory skin disorder and rheumatoid arthritis. Sea algae helps in the reduction of inflammation that can cause a severe type of joint pain. It acts like a glucosamine in inflammation and decrease the onset of aches and pain. The clear mechanism of action of sea algae is not clear, but it proposed that it binds with lectins and forms the complex and then body remove this complex out of the body to reduce the inflammation. Sea algae also used in the prevention of various skin related protozoan and bacterial diseases because of its broad spectrum anti-infective property.

Collagen and elastin

Collagen helps in the formation of tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, skin and muscles. In our body’s collagen acts as a thick thread of fabric and elastic acts as an elastic band that binds the fabric threads together and maintain the elasticity and smoothness of the skin and increase the skin strength.

Hydroxyapatite and collagen

According to American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, combination of Hydroxyapatite with collagen increase the process of new bone formation.

Calcium and collagen combination

According to the report by researchers of Florida University, calcium and collagen combination fulfil the loss of bone minerals in the body and increase the rate of bone development.


From the growing scientific evidence it is apparent that taking collagen pills really does work in improving health especially skin, and reducing aches and pains…


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